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Treadmill trauma

November 26, 2012
A precor 957 treadmill

The source of my terror, the treadmill

After yesterdays frightfully British complaint about the weather (it’s a national genetic thing) I did indeed follow up on my promise to go do my last run of week 2 of Couch25k in the gym. I realise to most people this wont exactly sound challenging, but for me it is for several reasons;

  • I have a history of ‘not going to the gym’.  In fact I have a history of not going to 2 gyms, as I didn’t go to the last one or my current one.  I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have been in the last 3 years!  This means that I have some considerable inertia to overcome to just walk through the door.  Even worse when you consider I can see the gym from my house #ashamed.
  • I am worried about pace and co-ordination.  What if I go to fast, or too slow, or fall over, or garrotte myself with the emergency stop chord.  I am not the most coordinated of people at the best of times, if there is a way to hurt myself or look silly doing something I will find it.
  • I am worried about ‘thudding’.  I am not the daintiest of ladies.  I know I have a funky running ‘style’, although not like Phoebe from Friends as one work colleague likes to imagine!  When I have been to the gym I’ve been surrounded by teeny tiny girlies or athletic blokes, none of whom were exactly heavy on their feet. As a novice I have this vision of ‘charge of the light brigade’ in my head.
  • My single biggest fear is that I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY RUN ON A TREADMILL BEFORE!  You may ask how I’ve managed to avoid this.  Simple, every gym induction  I have looked wimpy enough that they never asked me to run.

So, despite worrying about all this there I was, striding womanfully into the gym.  Well, I would have if I could remember the security code – thank you nice lady on reception for helping me out there.  Right, I’ve made it into the gym, now to choose my poison.  I was so hyper I stupidly didn’t pick the ones with a TV to distract me, what was I thinking!  Then a panicky moment of ‘how do I start this thing?’ before the realisation dawned that the big green START button was what I needed.  OK, so brisk walking – hey this is really good.  Finally after 5 mins I have to face my demon head on, can I run on a treadmill? Yes, it turns out I can.  After a bit of wobbling I found a speed that wasn’t too fast or slow and it all seemed to come together.  Did I thud?  I have no idea, I was too busy being hypnotised by the swimmers in the pool below. I complete the session and slow down the treadmill to get off, its at this point things start to get tricky.  I step down and all of a sudden my balance is all over the place and I feel like the floor is moving.  I stagger out of the gym like a drunk, or a sort of female John Wayne (see earlier comment about co-ordination).  It seems I’ve added a whole new weirdness to my repertoire, as well as vertigo while Diving I now seem to get motion sickness from treadmills.

Despite this I feel like I have achieved a small psychological victory.  I’ll definitely do it again if the weather is bad, but I do prefer running outdoors because I like the breeze.  Bring on the next run,  it’s the start of week 3 and I’ll be doing 3 min runs.

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  1. November 26, 2012 11:11 pm

    I’m doing the whole c25k program on the treadmill atm because my flat feet freak out when I try and run outdoors. I get the motion stuff too! I don’t think it goes away really I’ve been using a treadmill for a few years now, just lessens (: good luck with the rest of the program and good on you for getting to the gym!

    • November 27, 2012 7:19 pm

      Hi Preetikar, thanks for commenting and following. its good to know that the C25k works as well on a treadmill as outdoors. wishing you success in reaching your goals. Nev

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