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How to continue the journey? The path ahead…….

January 27, 2013
How true!  Cant afford to lose 'the boys'

How true! Cant afford to lose ‘the boys’

Yesterday I completed couch25k, in as much as I’ve now done 3×30 min runs, which is week 9 of the podcasts.  I’m nowhere near running an actual 5k and I think my next goal should be about covering the full distance.  So, I’ve spent today thinking about what I can/should do to improve matters.

I have a bit of a mixed bag of goals, but the ultimate aim of this latest fitness plan was to look good (nearly) naked for my photoshoot in May (see blog post of 12th Nov 12).  I have lost 5lb of the 14 I’m aiming for and so have another 12 weeks to lose another 9lb.  The weight loss may not have been what I hoped for, but I now have muscles, much better fitness and better fitting clothes than I did 9 weeks ago so I’m not complaining.  Having got this far I’m now wondering how to achieve the rest.

Through Runkeeper I’ve found a facility for training plans and there is a running plan posted for weight loss.  It takes you from 30 mins running up to an hour over 8 weeks with various tempo and interval runs in the middle, which could be just what I need.  Its kind of strange to be looking at that plan considering 9 weeks ago I was having difficulty running for 1 min, now I can do 30 min and am daunted by 60 min. That should more than cover me for running 5k and improve my pace too.

In order to broaden my horizons a bit I’ve also been mulling over the idea of a personal trainer.  I kind of like the thought of someone to help with motivation and to come up with different activities to keep me interested.  I have a pretty low boredom threshold and this might just be the perfect thing to maintain my momentum. I currently do all of my training on my own and for someone as social as me that’s pretty counterintuitive – although less embarrassing. To have someone pull together a more coherent training plan would also be useful as at the moment I’m doing random bits and pieces of things I enjoy i.e. running, rowing, occasional bike ride, Body Jam.

So, does anyone out there have experience of personal trainers, what to look out for or other suggestions for taking things forward?  I’ve loved Janathon and its been really great to meet other bloggers and hear what activities they are doing, I’d be interested in hearing about other challenges like this, so if you know of one pass it on.  If not, I’ll see you all for Juneathon :-).

In the meantime, more contemplation required.  Preferably involving the new series of Top Gear, Ripper Street and a glass of wine (or 2) :-).  See you after tomorrows run.

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  1. January 28, 2013 1:51 am

    I don’t have a PT, but it sounds like a great idea (a few people I know have one and they swear by them). You’ve come such a long way with your running so quickly – 30 minutes is awesome!

    Oh, and I am SO pinching that e-card! That was unfortunately ‘Discovery 5’ (that didn’t make it into my recent post haha). 🙂

    • January 28, 2013 6:22 am

      there are a few options locally so I think ill make a few calls and set up some meetings, to see who i find most terrifying
      As for the card, its so true. I’m not exactly ‘gifted’ and I’d rather keep what Ive got. The diet can take my other wobbly bits, but please not the boys! made me spit my coffee out laughing when I saw it 🙂

    • January 28, 2013 9:26 pm

      probably just as well it didn’t make it into your post. I ended up spitting my tea out laughing as it was! #notveryladylike 🙂

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