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Mud and aqueducts

February 3, 2013

Its been a really lovely weekend, which has ticked off quite a few “first of the year” type things for me.

  • First old friend visiting, as per my new years resolution
  • First bike ride
  • First day without deliberately planning Janathon activity!  Just feels so wrong
  • First press-ups – whole new post needed on this
  • First Birthday bash (the BF’s Mother)

All in all not a bad collection.

The first two ‘firsts’ involved my friend Dan coming to visit.  An event that has been eagerly awaited and planned over the course of several weeks.  I don’t know who mentioned the idea of going on a bike ride, but that is what we settled on as the big thing we wanted to do over the weekend.

Its been raining a lot here over the last few weeks and matters haven’t been helped with the run off from the snow.  To be honest I was not optimistic and had been keeping an eye on the forecast with a certain amount of trepidation.  Saturday dawned with glorious sunshine and I must confess to being very relieved, as there was no way I was going anywhere if the weather was bad!  So, we suited up, slung the bikes on the back of Gruber (my car) and headed off to Bradford on Avon to ride the towpath to Bath.

view from the Avoncliffe aqueduct, looking down on the river and railway

view from the Avoncliffe aqueduct, looking down on the river and railway

Its a really easy ride, considering neither of us had been out for a while, through some beautiful countryside and crossing both the Avoncliffe and Dundas aqueducts.  These are both incredible feats of engineering and are stunningly beautiful in Bath stone.  Standing on one next to a canal with narrowboats on it  really messes with your mind, especially as the river and railway line are some distance below you.  It’s just wrong!

me on the Dundas Aqueduct.  So, what have the Romans ever done for us?

me on the Dundas Aqueduct. So, what have the Romans ever done for us?

We covered slightly under 9 miles each way on the path, stopping just short of bath.  Unfortunately, by that stage the jolting caused by the uneven/gravelly/muddy surface was playing merry hell with my derriere and knee – I may have whinged a little.  So, in order to recover a lunch break was needed in a rather nice pub near the canal 🙂 (totally necessary, honest).

narrowboats at the Dundas filling station

Narrowboats at the Dundas filling station

Lunch invigorated us enough to start home at a good pace.  I don’t know how but I’m sure it was muddier on the way back than the way out, or maybe I was too tired to worry about avoiding the puddles.  All I can say is that despite having a lovely time and really enjoying the scenery I was very very glad to finally get back on tarmac, I know my bottom certainly was!  I was even more relieved to get off the bike in the Bradford on Avon train car park!

The fun bit was then cleaning everything when we got home.  You would have thought that Dan and I had been on different bike rides.  He was liberally covered in mud and his bike was totally clogged up with the stuff.  I had muddy feet and a few speckles on my legs and my bike was a little bit dirty.  Maybe he’s just naturally attracted to dirt, must be a bloke thing.

Dan, bought half of the towpath back with him

Dan, bought half of the towpath back with him

My bike, slightly muddy

My bike, slightly muddy

Naturally, after all that fresh air and exercise we were both pretty shattered, with random minor injuries.  However, our recuperation was greatly aided by Pizza, Alien Ressurection and the Big Bang Theory :-).  All in all a very good weekend exploring new places and catching up on gossip.

Now I just need the knee to recover enough to get back into running.

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  1. February 4, 2013 9:03 pm

    Almost makes me wish I had a bike! Sounds like the perfect way to pass the time on a weekend. Great photos too! 🙂

    • February 5, 2013 6:31 am

      It was lovely, but sooooo cold. However, I have buns of something other than steel as they still hurt today :-(. will plan another, when I recover 🙂

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