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April 16, 2013

There’s been lots going on, so I thought I’d do a summary post.

After some serious moping and sofa time following the split with the BF I am starting to feel more like myself.  I’ve had some pretty wild mood swings, probably not helped by my self-imposed chick-flick-athon (Bridget Jones, the Proposal, While you were sleeping, Maid of honor, Maid in Manhattan etc).  But things are getting back on an even emotional keel, partly through the judicious application of Spartacus and Game of Thrones (Thanks Tub).  Mr R and I went diving on Sunday and all was friendly and good fun, so this bodes well to my mind.  I owe some serious thanks to friends who have been there throughout to support and keep up flagging spirits.  You know who you are peeps and you’re all wonderful.

The knee is officially slightly buggered.  I went to the docs today and it turns out the bits that have been hurting me are the medial and lateral ligaments, for those not medically inclined that’s the ones on either side of the knee.  Its most tender where these ligaments attach to the bone and sometimes makes my leg feel unstable as well as stabby pains. So, I’m not supposed to do impact exercise, have been referred for physio and told to take ibuprofen for a week.  Maybe its time to go back to the rowing to maintain the cardio…….

The problem with points one and two above is that I have definitely started to eat everything in arms reach and am not doing anything to work it off.  My weight is going back up, so to combat this I just joined Slimming World.  Having been given the info pack I now feel like I’m swotting for an exam.  It’s almost too much info to take in.  I can see me living on fruit and veg for 2 days until I work out how the hell the programme works.  On the plus side it all seems pretty sensible, and I think I actually have a good chance of sticking to the programme.

In contravention of the break-up rules mentioned in the last post I’ve decided to redecorate, but I am getting independent validation on all shopping decisions.  Its only been 8 years since I last decorated so a change is probably long overdue.  So, I’m starting in the boudoir and going from a light green theme ( not a bad as it sounds), to reds and purples.  I’ll do before and after pics as I go along so you get the idea.  There is other stuff planned too, but I’ll cover that another day.

Another contravention of the same rule is shopping for my boudoir photo shoot, although worryingly these choices aren’t being validated.  I’m sort of gravitating towards a combination of burlesque or masquerade themes.  I also like the idea of some quite old-fashioned pictures, something that is more titillating than overtly sexual.  More a suggestion of naughtiness, or at least a strong hint, than a full on baring of skin. My shopping has ended up being like something for a kiddies dressing up session – cheap necklaces, long gloves, high heels etc.  I’ve even found a set of feathered wings, I’m thinking ‘fallen angel’ ;-).  I probably wont use half this stuff, but its been fun looking and has done wonders for lifting my spirits 🙂

On a final note for the week I’m now waiting to see if I can find a substitute gig buddy to go see James and Echo and the Bunnymen with me at Brixton academy on Friday night.  The lady I was going with had ‘stuff’ come up and now can’t make it, gutted as I was looking forward to a girlie night out.  James are a band I always wanted to see and somehow never did while I was a student (twenty *cough* years ago).  Hopefully, someone will step into the breach and all will be well.  For those of you who have never come across James or heard Tim Booths’ silky vocals here’s the video of one of their best known hits ‘Sit Down’.  Sadly, Tims fluffy hair days (old student crush of mine) are over, but the voice is still every bit as good.

Think that’s enough to be going on with for now.  In short, I’m happier and I’ll be back when more ‘stuff’ has happened 🙂

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  1. April 17, 2013 12:42 pm

    Yeah! Go Spartacus and GoT, though I had to turn over the for Jaime hand thing this week. I’m not good with the sawing of limbs. Even if it isn’t real.

    Bummer about the knee. Will doing stability exercises help? I used to have to use a wobble board, or stand on something soft and throw a ball at the wall (though my physio canned that when she realised I was rubbish at catching). How about swimming for cardio? Definitely no impact there! Hope it gets better for you though – nothing worse (/infuriating) as poop knees.

    Slimming World is easy once you get the hang of it. Feel free to ask me stuff if you get stuck – Lord knows I’ve been doing it long enough now.

    My friend is seeing James in Bristol today. She’s also very excited about it. I remember Sit Down, but sadly nothing else.

    Glad to see you’re feeling a bit happier in yourself, and that you’ve not made any horrendous fashion decisions! 🙂

  2. April 26, 2013 12:10 pm

    My knees hurt when I run so I took up cycling. Started at the start of the year am I’m hooked! Done just over 4000kms. You should consider it! My knees feel great and my weight has decreased!

    • April 29, 2013 7:54 pm

      Hi Michael. I know what you mean, but it was a badly adjusted bike saddle the did for my knee in the first place :-(. I’m seeing the physio tomorrow and hoping that they can do something to help with my ligaments. Going slightly bonkers now with very little exercise.
      Thanks for the top tip though.

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