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Round up of the week

May 31, 2013

Yup, I love Slimming world

Not wanting to mix and match posts I thought I’d do a separate roundup of other stuff going on in Nev-world.

Firstly, Slimming World is going really well.  This week I hit 178lb!  I’m just totally blown away by the progress and how much I’m coming to love cooking new recipes.  I tried a really great recipe for Beef Goulash that’s from the 50 Original Recipes book.  It works really well and makes the house smell amazing while you’re cooking.  I made a huge batch before going to see Muse on Saturday (separate post when I get organised) and it kept me going on the day and has frozen really well.

I’m hoping that Juneathon will accelerate the weight loss, as up until now my activity level has been fairly low.  With any luck I could hit my target weight (and a BMI of 25) by the end of the month if I manage 2lb a week.  Fingers crossed.  I’ve already started doing Pilates twice a week with the aim that strengthening my core will help my knee mend (reducing incorrect muscle compensation).

The other big news of the week is that I had the viewing of my photohoot pics.  Seeing myself up on a big screen was a little surreal and my initial thought was ‘who is that woman?’.  But, each new image I was shown was better than the last one.  I could actually see the point where I was really starting to relax and have fun with the shoot.  Normally, I’m not the most decisive person on the planet (any family member could tell you that), but it was surprisingly easy to choose 15 images I really liked for an album and one big one to go on my bedroom wall.  What really surprised me is that I liked all of the nude shots, but not many of the ones wearing a long chocolate evening dress.  On the day I was less optimistic about the nude ones looking good, you know the usual lady worries and wobbly/lumpy bits etc.  Just goes to show you never can tell.

For me the most amusing part of the session this time was going through each image to look for ‘imperfections’ to be retouched.  You have to be a little thick-skinned, because you end up talking about evening out complexion, skin tone,veins, lumpy bits, wispy hair, removing  lines etc.  I was seriously tempted to ask to be digitally enhanced, but thought that might present too much of a challenge to the re-toucher person 🙂

So, now I have 3 weeks until I get the retouched digital images back and up to 8 weeks for the print and album.  As you may have gathered from previous posts I’m not very good with delayed gratification so this is going to be torture!  The redeeming factor is that it will sooooooo be worth it.  I’ll put some of the non-naughty ones on here when I get them, you’ll see what I mean 🙂

All in all, not a bad week.  Here’s hoping the next one is as good 🙂

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  1. May 31, 2013 9:16 pm

    Well done Nev on your weight loss – you’re rocking it! I’m really chuffed for you, and I’m sure that the 2lb a week is perfectly achievable. How do you find pilates? I have to admit to being more yoga, but I wonder if that’s been down to teachers I’ve had. How is the knee doing?

    • May 31, 2013 9:19 pm

      I’ve just seen Juneathon’s post – bad times on your knee! I’m just reading up on Juneathon now 🙂

  2. May 31, 2013 10:04 pm

    3 weeks?! Then 8 weeks?! But…I wanted to see some today! *grumbles*

    Oh goodness – I just realised how that may sound. I promise I’m not some (not-so-secret) online admirer wanting to check out the non-naughty-Nev-booty. Haha. I’m just really excited for you, and so happy to hear they came out so well!

    I also just realised that this is not actually about me…so…yeah. Carry on. 😉

    • June 1, 2013 5:01 am

      Haha. You’ve just made me laugh so much I nearly spat my cereal out! 🙂
      nice to see Im not the only one who isn’t good with waiting 🙂
      Technically, as a blogger, I think we both count as internet stalkers, so no worries there. Its nice that other people get excited about my latest crazy schemes.
      JJ only suggested boring tags for this post, so now Im also jealous of you 😉

      • June 2, 2013 5:30 am

        Haha! I’m glad your morning started with a laugh (it’s the best way!). I also think the correct term is ‘results driven and outcome focussed’. See – so much better than impatient or ‘not good at waiting’!

        Damn that JJ – your post deserved some great suggestions!! 😉

  3. June 1, 2013 5:03 pm

    Love that you`re so goal orientated. And that its plainly working. Good on you!

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